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elcome to Aicavity! We are happy that you have chosen our platform to develop and improve your problem-solving skills. Our goal is to help you boost your career path with quality content and diverse expertise. We are also foremost interested in developing the next generation of creative and innovative problem solvers that will impact organizations worldwide. The recent developments in Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics applications have significantly impacted different industries, and it involves many processes, technologies, talents, and cross-interdisciplinary teams.

Therefore, teams of Executives, Managers, Engineers, Developers, and Practitioners need to possess a solid understanding of the basics up to advanced concepts to ensure that tech stacks and team investments are enough to build reliable solutions and scaling products. Aicavity is a step ahead in this process since our mission is to provide reliable information from experts, and dedicated training in Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science & Analytics, Decision-Making Processes, and Entrepreneurship. We hope you will find something interesting to learn and share. 

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Jose Luis Silva

Physicist, Ph.D. in Physics from Uppsala University (UU), Founder & CEO at AICAVITY AB

Tatiana Egorova

Economist, Ph.D. in Economics at Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), Finance Board AICAVITY AB